I’m delighted that the wonderful Fen of MonAnnie Cakes is featuring on the Guest Supplier Blog Series this month.  I met Fen several years ago at an industry conference and have worked with her as well, she is one of the nicest people and so very humble.  She is incredibly talented at creating the most beautiful and delicious cakes, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with her again soon.  In this post, Fen shares her advice on choosing your wedding cake.

Fen from MonAnnie Cakes putting the final touches to a 3 tier wedding cake decorated with flowers

Planning a wedding can be a beautiful experience. There is a lot of joy to be found in deciding on the elements important to you, and making them work together harmoniously to create a special experience for you and your guests. Whether you decide on a minimalist single tier cake or an elegant 7-tier masterpiece is an entirely personal matter to you.

Here are some of my top tips when choosing your sweet wedding day treats:

Give your cake maker as much information as you can
I like to think about your wedding as a story and an experience, with each element playing a part. It is important for your cake designer to understand and connect with your wedding story and the experience you would like to create for your guests. Talk to them about all the beautiful elements you’ve chosen and also let them know some key information like:

  • The number of guests
  • Whether the cake is the main dessert or not
  • Your budget
  • Any dietary requirements
  • Time of the year- it may affect what kind of cake you can have, as some products cope badly with hot summer days!

This will go a long way towards helping us cake designers work in partnership with you and advise on the size of cake you will need and realise your vision.

4 tier wedding cake with ruffle texture and fresh flowers

Look beyond cake for inspiration
A bespoke cake designer would like to create something that is unique to you. While social media tools like Pinterest and Instagram can be a good starting point, and can give you an idea of things you like, it’s worth remembering that these are other people’s visions in keeping with their events. You can think beyond existing cake designs, and think more about elements from your day that can be interpreted on your cake- from florals, to linen patterns, to colour palettes, to invitation designs. Outside of your wedding day, fashion, nature, art, music, and memories all make for excellent reference material. If you can dream it, your cake designer can probably recreate it in sugar.

Each cake designer may have a different timeline; however, think about choosing your wedding cake at least 3-6 months before your wedding. Sometimes a cake design might require special tools or accessories, which would need to be sourced well in advance.

Tray with dessert selection

If possible, arrange a tasting and consultation, as this would help you and your cake maker get to know each other. Nothing helps a partnership get going like connecting over tea and cake. In the current climate where in person consultations may not be possible, ask your cake designer about arranging a virtual consultations and having some cake samples sent to you.

The sky is the limit really when it comes to cake flavours. There are seasonal wedding cake flavours, however at MonAnnie we feel flavour is much more of a personal choice. Think about things that you love, and how you can share those feelings with your guests. With multi-tiered cakes, each tier can be a different flavour so let your imagination go wild.

4 tier wedding cake with fresh flowers and bow detailing

Now you’ve spent all this time designing the cake of your dreams, it’s worth thinking about how you’d like it presented. Think about how and where you’d like the cake to be seen. If the cake is on a table, think about the table linen and other elements that could be incorporated such as a cake stand, candles or flowers. A beautiful knife to cut the cake with is also worth thinking about.

While cake cutting is an age honoured tradition, you don’t always have to have a cake. There are lots of beautiful patisserie options from a croquembouche to a meringue tower. Patisserie tables are also a great option as they can create an elegant immersive experience for you and your guests. Just ask!

croquembouche wedding cake

Working as a team
Your cake designer is one part of your team dedicated to making your wedding amazing. At MonAnnie, we love working together with the other parts of your team (your planner, florist, venue, and catering) to create a complete experience. Sharing contact details and letting us be part of a complete vision really helps.

Enjoy the process
Your cake design process should feel like a conversation, with kindness, active listening, and a development of a true partnership. Feel free to ask lots of questions and allow us to hold space for any uncertainties you may have. We want the process to leave you feeling excited and stress free- so relax, enjoy some cake, and share your dreams.

3 tier wedding cake with large ruffle detail in white

Thanks so much Fen for contributing to this series, this is such great advice. If you’d like to find out more about Fen’s work, you can find her website here, or follow her on social media Instagram Facebook

Need help choosing your supplier dream team?  I can help, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Image credits: Maxeen Kim Photography | Hannah McClune Photography | Cristina Ilao | Charlotte Wise | The Brand Studio