“I was about three months into planning my own wedding when things started to get on top of me and everything was feeling very daunting, I was getting overwhelmed to say the least.

Family members suggested I look into hiring a wedding planner. It didn’t take long to find Georgina, she had amazing reviews and I thought “won’t hurt emailing her to see if she would consider taking on my wedding and to see if we clicked” and click we did. Talking to Georgina was like talking to a friend I have had all my life; she understood all my worries and how to overcome them – in fact I remember saying to her “this is what I have done so far, please take this from me and  do the rest” after discussing budgets and timetables and timelines (worst part for me), she took it in her stride. Every week we would have a Zoom meeting to touch base.

I can’t describe the weight lifted from me, all that stress with suppliers, checking invoices, helping me get better rates etc. She has wonderful contacts herself, so I wished I found her from day dot. She managed all my table plans (not easy with nearly 200 guests) right down to cutlery placement, music and timing.

On the actual wedding day everything ran so smoothly, she thought and organised every detail big and small, and then through the day ran my wedding like a breeze. I felt so at ease, and with someone who suffers with anxiety, I felt complete relaxation on my wedding day which is how a bride should feel.

I know it wasn’t an easy task, it was a big wedding, and I was a very nervous bride – but it felt like a fairytale and that’s because of Georgina, she certainly is worth her weight in gold!!

Thank you Georgina, I will never forget how you helped make my wedding the best day of my life!!”

March 2023 – Pennyhill Park, Surrey

Image credit: Summers Photography