You’ve started the wedding planning process – set your wedding date, worked out your wedding budget and booked your venue.  Now you need to choose the suppliers who will make up your supplier team.  With so many different options, this can be an overwhelming task, but it’s so important you choose the right suppliers that fit within your wedding budget, and are the right fit for you and your wedding style.

Determine the suppliers you need
The style of wedding you are having will determine which suppliers you will need – if your venue is full service, such as a hotel or country house, the caterer and tables and chairs, for example, will likely be included in the package you book, so you may not need to find suppliers for these elements of your wedding.  

If you’ve opted for a dry hire venue (such as marquees, tipis, and some indoor spaces) you will need to source suppliers for every element of your wedding, from furniture to toilets, tableware to generators. 

Make sure you check carefully what is included in the venue hire and the facilities that are provided, so you know the suppliers that you need to book.

Wedding flat lay with perfurme, necklace, rings in blush pink ring box and white satin shoes

Research, research and more research
A great starting point in finding your suppliers is asking your venue if they have a recommended supplier list.  These lists are a compilation of suppliers in various categories such as photography, catering, musicians and so on, who are familiar with the venue and who have worked there before.  Most often, the venue has curated their list of suppliers with those they love working with, and who offer a high-quality standard of service.

Recommendations from friends and family; wedding directories; real weddings; editorial inspiration shoots and wedding blogs are all good resources too.  Google, Instagram and Pinterest are also invaluable resources for finding your supplier team.

While you’re doing your research, it’s important to consider if the style of the supplier complements your wedding vision, style and taste.  It’s also important to make sure they align with your budget.  It’s really easy to get carried away and spend more than you can afford, and if you overspend in one area on a supplier you’ll need to cut back on other areas of your wedding.  Also consider where your suppliers are based, if they’re not local to the location where you are having your wedding, check they are willing to travel, and any additional costs that might incur.

Wedding reception at Pembroke Lodge,  Round tables with tall flower centepieces with white flowers.

Make a shortlist of your favourites
Once you’ve undertaken your research, collate a shortlist of your favourite suppliers – follow them on social media, engage with them and find out more about them and their work.  It’s a good idea to shortlist 3 suppliers of each category, such as photographer, florist and so on.  You’ll then have options if any of your favourites are unavailable on your wedding date.  While it’s important to book your suppliers as early as possible, panic booking leads to second guessing your decisions later in the planning process.  Be sure about the supplier before you book and confident about our decisions.

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Ask for all the information
Once you have your shortlist of favourite suppliers, send enquiries giving as much detail about your wedding as you can.  Most suppliers prefer email enquiries, as  DM’s via social media accounts often get missed or lost.  It’s important to include key information about your wedding such as your names and contact details, your wedding date, your wedding venue/location, the service or product you’re interested in, an overview of your wedding day and your wedding vision.

Make sure you ask for their availability for your wedding date, a brochure (if they have one) and the price of their products/services you’re interested in, as well as any additional costs or optional extras.  Now is a good time to also ask for information on deposit and payment terms, terms and conditions and their booking process.  Providing all the information in the initial enquiry helps the supplier to provide all the information you will need to make a decision to move forward.  

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Don’t make it all about money
Choosing suppliers that are within your budget is key, but don’t make your decisions purely based on money and your budget.  You might find a supplier that is cheaper than your favourite, but if their style doesn’t suit your wedding vision, that will lead to disappointment after the wedding.  Once you’ve received the information from your shortlisted wedding suppliers, go through each quote in detail and check what is included for each service.  It’s difficult to compare like for like, as some suppliers will provide different options, but the quotes will give you an overview of price points for the level of service.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have a query or are unsure of something.  If there’s something you want to add or remove from the service, ask.  More often than not, the supplier will be happy to tailor their quote to suit your requirements.

Wedding table at Wotton House with pink and white flowers, gold candlesticks

Build a connection
Connection is key, you’ll be working with your suppliers right up until your wedding day so it’s important you’re on the same page throughout the wedding planning process.   By getting to know you and what you like and dislike, they’ll work in harmony with you and your other wedding suppliers to bring your wedding vision to life.

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Follow your instincts
Follow your instincts, make your decisions and book the suppliers you want to have as part of your wedding supplier dream team.   Be courteous and make sure to let the other suppliers know you won’t be moving forward with them – nobody likes to ghosted.

Blush and grey wedding table at Morden Hall with bride and groom

Now your have your official wedding supplier dream team, you can start to think and get excited about all the details for your day!

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