I’m very excited to share with you top wedding make-up and hair tips from Gina Kniefel of Your Wedding Your Look, in this instalment of the Guest Supplier Blog Series.  Gina is a seasoned hair and make-up artist, who not only works within the wedding industry, but also provides hair and make up services to fashion, TV and film. 

Your Wedding Your Look provides professional hair and make-up artists for brides and their bridal parties, across London and surrounding areas, and anywhere in the UK and will happily travel abroad too.

Their select team of artists have many years’ experience and know how to make you look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

“In all our experience with working with brides, we understand how stressful the big day can be so we recommend a few things to be prepared for a more relaxed and fun time getting you glam:

Prep beforehand
Do all tanning and lash extensions a few days in advance and make sure you’ve done a trial run if you’ve not done these things before.  This will ensure there aren’t any problems with application or allergic reactions.

Beautiful tresses
Wash your hair the day before the wedding and not the day of, hair can tend to be flat and lifeless when it’s just been washed.

Facials and treatments
Don’t be tempted to get any facials the day before the wedding, as this can make the skin red, or agitated and will not look good for make up application.

Try to get a good nights’ sleep the day before the wedding, and try to minimise alcohol intake as lack of sleep and alcohol can make the skin look puffy and dehydrated.

Another thing we recommend is to try and organise a nice room with space for your glam team to set up and get you pampered.  Ideally, a space where the brides and bridal party are to be able to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience of getting ready without too many interruptions, or people constantly coming in and out!  We always recommend some music and some champagne (or non-alcoholic alternative) while getting ready.

Don’t forget to eat
Lastly, but definitely important, try to have some food before the champagne comes out as this will settle all tummies and nerves!”

Thank you so much Gina for contributing to this series, these are great tips! If you’d like to learn more about Gina’s wedding hair and make-up services, you can find her website here, or follow her team on social media Instagram Facebook.

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Image credits: Gina Kniefel | Neli Prahova