Balancing a busy work schedule with your private life, time with family and friends and unrealistic expectations from social media can be overwhelming when you add planning a wedding into the mix.

A wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but for those who can’t decide if they want to hand over some of the stress to someone else, it can be a good option.  Knowing the right questions to ask to venues and suppliers, managing budgets and logistics and co-ordinating everyone and everything on the day are just some of the things a wedding planner can help you with.

If you’re considering working with a wedding planner here are some signs to look out for to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you:

You’re engaged but you’re stuck with what to do next
It’s such an exciting time when you get engaged, you have so many ideas and start filling notebooks and Pinterest boards with all your ideas.  Once the novelty of being engaged wears off, it can begin to feel like you’re on a sinking ship, with no idea of where to even start or how to begin the planning.  The is when having a wedding planner really is valuable, not only can we guide you through the process but we’re also a sounding board for all your ideas and will help you collate all your ideas together so you can get a real understanding of how you want your day to look.

No time
With the average wedding taking at least 300 or more hours to plan, that’s a lot of extra time you need to find to plan your wedding.  Consider bringing on an expert who can help guide you through the process, taking away some of the stress and allowing you time to enjoy being engaged.

Your dream wedding venue is in a different location to where you live
It can be really difficult to plan a wedding in a location other than where you live.  Trying to find the time to make appointments with the venue and suppliers can be tricky, and working with a planner who knows the area and can recommend reliable suppliers will ensure you have the wedding you want.

Outdoor wedding ceremony with asymmetrical arch and pillar flower arrangements

Love research but don’t love spreadsheets
You love researching wedding ideas, venues and suppliers but you find it tedious doing all the admin involved with getting quotes, follow up and keeping track of everything, not to mention putting spreadsheets together which are a necessity for wedding planning.   If you’d rather focus on the creative side of planning the wedding, hand all this over to a logistical planner like me.  I’m all about spreadsheets, lists and making sure every detail is covered so you can focus on how you want your day to look, taking away the stress of having to deal with the sometimes-dreaded wedding admin.

You never see each because your life is consumed with wedding planning
Planning a wedding can be all consuming, but it’s important that you take time out to spend with each other and take some time away from planning the wedding.  Having an expert on hand really will save you time, giving you the opportunity to spend time together and to enjoy the wedding planning process.

You’re planning a destination wedding
Destination weddings are amazing (trust me, I speak from experience!) but it can be a bit of a minefield with legal complexities and finding reliable suppliers.  Having an experienced wedding planner based in the country/city you’re planning on marrying in can make the whole process a lot smoother as they will know the legal requirements, area and the suppliers best suited to your needs.  Be sure to choose a planner who will give you the level of support you need, and not just choose them based on price (cheaper isn’t always better)

Your wedding has a lot of moving parts and is logistically challenging
Every wedding is different and has different logistical requirements. They can range from quite simple to complex logistics where you need to consider a huge number of things in order to make the day work how you want it.  If this describes your wedding, definitely consider using a wedding planner.  Whether it’s a 2 or 3 day event, you’re getting married in your family garden, a field, marquee, warehouse, barn, or a space never before used for a wedding, the complexities of the day can spiral out of control if you don’t have a professional working with you who knows what you’ll need.  Water, electricity, toilets, access, transport, staff and permits are just a few of the things you might come across that having an expert on hand will be able to deal with. 

wedding table with candles and centrepieces at Wotton House

You’re dealing with family politics and it’s making the planning process difficult
Weddings can sometimes bring out the worst in people and families are no exception.  Getting stuck in the middle of the politics of planning your wedding can exponentially increase your stress levels and having a wedding planner on board can help bring some neutrality to the situation.  It’s important to try and not get caught up in all the drama and to remember your wedding is about the two of you.  Having someone with an objective point of view can really help in these delicate situations, making sure that the decisions made result in the wedding the two of you want.

Your timescale for the wedding is tight
Many people plan their wedding within a short timescale for a variety of reasons and using a wedding planner can definitely be valuable in this situation.  Trying to find additional hours in your life to plan a wedding that’s happening in a short amount of time can be very pressurised and make for an unenjoyable wedding planning experience. 

You want to enjoy the day and not worry about the details
After all the months (and possibly years) of planning, the big day is in sight and you’re excited and want to be able to relax and enjoy it.  You definitely don’t want to be running around setting up for the day, up a ladder decorating your venue or worrying about what time everyone is arriving and where they’re supposed to be.  Having someone to properly manage the actual day for you might seem like a frivolous expense but it is totally worth it and something you won’t regret.  It allows you to spend the day as you should without having to worry about all the little details, that’s what I’m here for.

Toasting wedding couple Wotton House

If you’re still not sure a wedding planner is for you, why not arrange a no-obligation complimentary consultation with me to find out more.

Image credits: Neli Prahova Photography