Your wedding is an important occasion for you and your guests, and many will want to show their love by giving you a gift.

It can be awkward, and sometimes difficult, asking wedding gifts. The gifts you receive will hold many memories and will be with for a long time, it’s easy to think in practical terms but you’ll also want to choose things that are meaningful and long-lasting. 

Hayley Baddiley from Denby, the ceramic and homeware, shares her top tips for curating present requests for gifts that will last.

Don’t feel awkward about specifying gifts
Not only is it a tradition to make a wedding gift registry, but it’s also very helpful to your guests, so don’t be shy about asking for what you want. Your guests will want to get you something to mark this special occasion, and a list makes it easier for them to choose. It will also help ensure they don’t double-up and buy the same thing as someone else.

Traditionally, wedding gifts were for the purpose of setting up the newlywed’s home, and today many still stick with this theme. This makes a list particularly helpful, as people can buy things that fit with your existing décor and style.

How to make the gifting registry
There are lots of different ways to make a gifting registry, and if you’re short on time after organising all the other aspects of your wedding, there are plenty of tools to make it quicker, such as digital registries. If you have guests who are less comfortable with online shopping, many platforms will let people tick off a gift and then buy it from a physical store, rather than following a link.

You can also make your gifting list as a print-out. This can be a great way of personalising this element of your wedding, and can work well when you have a small number of guests who all know each other, and can talk about which gifts each individual is purchasing to prevent doubling up.

When you’ve made the registry, have someone else monitor it if possible. This allows you to offload some of the admin work, and it also means you can be genuinely surprised by which gifts you receive on the big day.

Choose gifts that will last
It’s tempting to get caught up with current trends, especially with the excitement of changing your home décor, moving into a new place with your partner, or asking for new homeware items on your wedding gifting list.

However, you will benefit greatly from choosing things that are more classic, and don’t adhere to the latest trends. This way, you’ll build a collection of items and a style that will look good over the years, and you’ll save money by not replacing things every season.

It’s also more cost-effective and eco-friendly to choose things that are made of durable materials, like stainless steel cooking utensils and cutlery, cast-iron frying pans, or a ceramic cafetière instead of plastic. Stoneware ceramics are a great choice, as they are timeless, and available in a variety of colours and styles, meaning you can find pieces that reflect your personal style and that of your partner.

Politely ask for monetary contributions
You might feel a bit shy asking for money instead of physical presents, but there’s no need to be worried or embarrassed. It’s very common for people to ask for money rather than gifts at their weddings, and there are lots of elegant ways to do so.

Most couples choose to include a request in their invitations when they are sent out. It can be a one-sentence acknowledgement like ‘no boxed gifts please’, or a request for monetary contributions towards something specific. If you are saving to buy your first home, or go on a honeymoon, tell your guests about this and show them what you’ll be doing on the trip, or where you’d like to purchase a home. This involves your guests in your big milestones as a couple, and shows them what they are helping to buy for you.

Thank your guests for their gifts
After the wedding, you’ll want to thank your guests for either their presents, or their monetary contributions. Having this planned ahead of your wedding will ensure you’re prepared with your thank you cards when the time comes.

Creating a gifting list for your wedding can feel like an overwhelming task, but by following these tips you can make a present list that is memorable, sentimental, and practical.

Image credit: Amanda Karen Photography